Saltwater sandals Strapwee White size UK4 EU20

A mini version of the Strappy, complete with plaited toe and ankle strap. Available only in the smallest toddler sizes. Extremely hard wearing, Strapwees are a sweet starter pair for little feet on the move. The entire Sun-San range comes on a wonderfully comfortable spongy sole with rust proof buckles. They can be worn in the water and put through a cool machine wash.

Please dont hestitate to email me or DM me on instagram with questions re sizes.

The cm next to each size are what Salt-water sandals write on their boxes. I find the true size is about 0.5cm bigger then the cm stated below. So keep that in mind. Please print this size guide to get a better understanding of the sizes.

UK5 = EU21 = 13cm

UK6  =  EU22 = 14cm

UK07 = EU23 = 14.5cm

UK08 = EU24 = 15.5cm

UK09 = EU25 = 16.5cm

UK10 = EU27 = 17cm

UK11 = EU28 = 18cm

UK12 = EU29 = 19cm

UK13 = EU30/31 = 19.5cm (when i measured its more like 20,4cm)

515 kr

399 kr