Saltwater sandals, Black, Original Classics storlek EU 21-33

The first model to come out of Walter Hoy’s workshop in 1944, the
original Salt-Water Sandal is defined by its little way stitched rubber
sole and plaited leather upper. All Salt-Waters come with rust proof
buckles, can be worn in the water and put through a cool machine wash.  
They are comfortable,
durable and classically beautiful. The tan Salt-Water was the first
colour to be made from scrap leather in 1944. It is a simple, versatile
classic and looks lovely on all skin tones.

Classic sandal in tan & Black.

I find the true size is about 0.5cm bigger then the cm stated below.
So keep that in mind.
Please print the size guide (search Guide)
to get a better understanding of the sizes.
Please dont hestitate to email me:
or DM me on instagram/facebook if your got questions re the sizes.  
I dont recommend going up a size in any models except maybe the two biggest sizes
if necessary.

UK5 = EU21 = 13cm
UK6  =  EU22 = 14cm
UK07 = EU23 = 14.5cm
UK08 = EU24 = 15.5cm
UK09 = EU25 = 16.5cm
UK10 = EU27 = 17cm
UK11 = EU28 = 18cm
UK12 = EU29 = 19cm
UK13 = EU30/31 = 19.5cm (when i measured its more like 20,4cm)

Den första modellen att komma ut ur Walter Hoy, USA, verkstad år1944 ,
är den ursprungliga Saltwatersandals som definieras av sin lilla nätta sydda gummisula
och flätat läder.
Alla Saltwatersandals kommer med rostfri spännen kan bäras i vatten
och genomgå en kall maskintvätt .
De är bekväma , giftfria,  hållbara och vackra .
Den svarta Saltwatersandal är en enkel klassiker.

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