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Black Gumboots, Hubble & Duke

100% Natural rubber gumboots with a cotton lining. Featuring our HUBBLE + DUKE logo on the front with the H+D logo on the heel. Stylish and comfortable to spalsh around in puddles with!

Size US 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3! (EU 22-33/34)

5 (14.5cm AGE 18m approx.)

6 (15.2cm AGE: 2yrs approx.)

7 (15.6cm AGE: 2.5yrs approx.)

8 (16.5cm AGE: 3yrs approx.)

9 (17cm AGE: 3.5yrs approx.)

10 (17.9cm AGE: 4 yrs approx.)

11 (18.5cm AGE: 4.5years approx.)

12 (19.2cm AGE: 5yrs Approx.)

13 (19.9cm AGE: 5.5 approx.)

1 (20.4cm AGE: Approx 6-7 yrs)

2 ( 21cm AGE: Approx 7-8 yrs)

3 ( 22cm  AGE:Approx 9-10 yrs)


Designed in Australia + custom made for H+D in China.

The gumboots are finished by hand and will occasionally have some imperfections in the rubber or with the placement of logos etc. HD feel this adds to the character of the gumboots! As the Gumboots are made from natural rubber they will occasionally need some maintenance to keep them in top condition.

Please refer to this link below for natural rubber gumboot cleaning recommendations.

399 kr

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