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Halloween DIY & tips!

Halloween is around the corner and I dont know about you but our kids LOVE it! When I grew up it was almost unheard of in Sweden but now days its one of the highlights for the kids. Here are some easy DIY links, free printables and fun and easy ideas of what you can do at home.

Fabelab have the most fantastic FREE download DIY for each season. Right now you can find this sweet printables at:

We all have some glas jars laying around at home, this is an easy way to transform them to scary ghost lanterns. You can also paint the jars white with black details, just as easy.

If you have old sheets at home you can make these lollipop ghosts!

For free colouring printables, click here. Perfect for making your own intivations or just for decorating or little gifts for when they go Trick or Treat! 

Best of luck,

xoxo Marie